Next level Community Banking with
the power of financial wellness.
The way it should be!

A win for your customers is a win for your bank!

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of personal finance for banking consumers. A solution that also provides community banks with state of the art touch point marketing, lower acquisition costs and desired yet, elusive long term retention.

Financial wellness is the key to connectivity

Strategic Acquisition

Reduce your cost by turning your clients into your biggest advocates. Reward them for sharing. Lower unwanted churn. Give Pay It Better to past, current and potential clients!

Friendly Integration

Tired of endless integration hurdles? Pay it Better offers several platform options to be used with core banking. Cloud based awesomeness changes everything!

Low Maintenance

Our team does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on what you do best. You get the future of community banking fintech without the rocket science or skyrocketing costs!

Efficient Advertising

Targeted advertising to your customers while offering prime ad space to coffee shops, real estate professionals, auto dealers and insurance companies? Smart!

Supercharged Social

Staying connected means staying relevant. The Pay It Better Platform brings it all together with a touch of financial wellness on top! Remember, word of mouth is still the number one form of advertising. But, now it’s digitized!

Boosted Retention

Stickiness is the name of the game. By giving your clients something authentically useful, you keep them engaged. You keep them engaged, they stick around!

Personal finance should be easier... But so should profitable banking!

Our designers and developers work closely together to build the most creative and forward thinking client engagement solutions. Pay It Better is built around rapid debt reduction, personal money management and cost effective connectivity for community banks. Functionality is as important to us as aesthetics.
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Community banks are spending a fortune on acquisition and retention efforts

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Of Community Banks want to advance their digital technologies

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In U.S. consumer debt and that number is rising and does not include the interest

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Of consumers do not have $1000 dollars saved up in case of an emergency

Financial Wellness
The Way It Should Be

Their success is your success. Your success is our success!

Our process



Let’s look at what you are currently doing. What’s working and what’s not.


Roadmap Design

This is the part where PayItBetter shines! .



Our team strives for excellence with your integration process. Downtime is simply not an option. Get the service and performance you deserve without all the fluff and fees.


The Best Part Is The Customer Invites

This is where the magic happens. Now you can help your customers with the financial wellness they need and get the valuable engagement you want. Let’s Put Pay It Better to work!


Implementing your new interaction plan

The possibilities are limitless! With PayItBetter™ client engagement, advertising and marketing has never been easier! While your customers get better control of their finances, your bank will be rewarded with higher lifetime values, referral rates and more cross and up-selling opportunities!

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