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Your Best Financial Life Starts With Pay It Better™ Banking

The future of banking is here! Let Pay It Better™ show you the path towards getting the most out of your hard-earned money!

Reduce Debt, Improve Credit, Balance Your Budget... While Getting Cash Back On Every Purchase!

Normal banking is, well, Borrrrinnnngg! We're revolutionizing banking and finance, once and for all! Pay It Better™ Banking gives you everything you need to become a Rockstar with your money!

What Will Our Bank Do For You?

Automated Roadmaps

Roadmaps that you can change on the fly. Whether you are a debt crushing crusader or you are a business who wants to focus on increasing your cashflow, PIB Banking™ has you covered!

Friendly Reminders

Tired of endless sticky notes with coffee stains? PIB™ Banking offers the easiest way ever to keep you focused. That’s because cloud-based awesomeness changes everything!

Adjustable Goals

Our team does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on what you do best. You get the most cutting edge banking tech ever made. Change of plans? No problem!

Stop Paying Late Fees

AI Data-driven banking keeps you in the know but doesn’t slow you down. There’s nothing more stressful than forgetting to pay a bill on time, when you actually had the money to pay it. Smart!

Supercharged Banking

Not only do you get all of the familiar banking features you are used to but you get a seriously powerful platform for all of your money needs, in one place, with one awesome bank. Nice!

Boosted Control

Success is the name of the game. There is nothing like the feeling of achievement! We’re people too and we get it. Our proactive approach will help you confidently master your money. You’ve got this!

Financial wellness should be automated right? Well, Now It Is!

You spoke and we listened! Rapid debt reduction, credit enhancement, state-of-the-art budgeting, in one awesome, AI powered bank account!
$ 0 K

Gen Z already has an average of $8,900 in debt. Wait What?

0 In 3

Consumers don’t even have a paper budget! How is this possible???

$ 0 T

In U.S. consumer debt! That number is rising and does not include the interest.

0 %

Of consumers don’t have $1000 dollars saved up in case of an emergency.

Financial Wellness Banking
The Way It Should Be

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Let's Fix Your Money!



Let’s look at what you are currently doing. What’s working and what’s not. 


Roadmap Design

This is the part where PIB™ Banking shines! You make the plan and our AI will do all the hard stuff!


Life Integration

Let’s face it, life happens! Our cutting-edge system will get you on track and keep you on track! Get the services and features you deserve without all the fluff and fees.


The Best Part Is The Progress You Make

This is where the magic happens. Now you can take control of your money like never before. Let’s Put PIB™ Banking to work!


Implementing Your New Action Plan Is Easy & Super Doable!

Don’t worry, with PIB™ Banking we make it really easy to master your finances. Be friends with your money again!

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